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Happy New Year! Happy 2021!

C ongratulations! You survived a year of much stress and​ many une​xpectancies. Hopefully, you now see how strong you are within and how much your family and friends mean to you.

My name is Tiffany L. Gray, and I am the CEO of Never Predictablez Inspirational Resources. I'm a middle school teacher who has been mentoring preteens and teens for over 10 years. My goal is to empower your children by providing interesting and educational programming, encouraging them to find God's purpose for their lives,  and delivering relatable inspirational novels. 

The year of 2020 was full of many ongoing heartaches, but the year still brought many blessings. One of my personal blessings was the publication of my book Never Predictablez: Knife Between My Eyes That Muted My Cheer. 

Although nine years has gone by since the last book was released,  somehow, through this pandemic, I was able to get the second novel completed.  This sequel to the Never Predictablez's series is still about my six (now seven) multicultural male and female friends and the struggles of their everyday teenage lives. However, in this book, Nikki, our cheery and uplifting one of the group, goes bad and finds herself another clique. Running around with this group leads to an unexpected run-in with the law and an attack on her life.

To see how all of this unravels, get your copy today!!!

Peer- to- Peer Advice

Never Predictablez's books provide your preteens and teens with advice, from the perspective of other young adults, about many topics. Some of the key issues are below:

  • how to empower themselves while being bullied, 
  • how to settle threats and embarrassing moments without drawing a gun or their fist,
  • how to elegantly or masculinely appeal to the opposite sex, 
  • how to confidently and cordially interact with crazy family members and shady "friends," and so much more! 

After reading these books, your preteens/teens will be reassured that they are not alone. These scenarios will show the youth in your life that many other teens have survived through the same situations, even though it seems impossible to believe during that time. It's all a matter of which choices they make to solve the problems.

NEVER PREDICTABLEZ has a lot to offer young adults...


1) Children 8-12 Years Old (ABC Writing)

While teens/preteens  enjoy the captivating readings and interactive activities, they will learn the basic elements of story writing:

  • fiction and non-fiction
  • protagonist and antagonist
  • plot​
  • conflict
  • setting
  • characterization
  • synopsis
  • show vs. tell

2) Children 13-18 Years Old (Growing Pains)

While comparing excerpts from my novel to their own lives (through handouts, readings, and role-playing), your students and I will explore the following:​

  • how to increase their self-esteem and discover their strengths
  • how to apply conflict resolution strategies
  • how to practice self-control
  • how to develop a career plan

Workshops Facilitated

  • Writing Workshop- Clark Road Genesis Family Center
  • ABC Workshop -Indianapolis YMCA
  • Self-Esteem Workshop - Be Active Conference
  • Workshop Facilitator - Grandparent/ Grandchildren Conference

Fictional Novels



In Never Predictablez: Middle School Faith Tests, Laila, a​ feisty African-American journalist is freaking out since the group, who has been together since 2nd grade, is now being divided into separate middle schools. Is their friendship strong enough to survive this breakup?

In Never Predictablez: Knife Between My Eyes That Muted My Cheer,Nikki, the cheerleader and happy one of the group, goes  bad. She is feeling stressed due to heartache and feeling ignored by her family. When she vents, no one is really listening. So, she decides to find another clique. This leads her into a downward spiral that turns into a life threatening attack.

Topics Addressed in Never Predictablez's Novels

In Never Predictablez's novels, r adical, multicultural teens are trying to maintain  "normal" teenage lives while enduring many unexpected hardships.

  • bullying
  • family drama
  • school closings
  • teen violence
  • parents getting laid off
  • sexual advances
  • alcohol and drug usage
  • shaky friendships, and much more!!!

Through this novel's action-packed scenes and humor, young adults will learn that the only way to overcome adversity is to rely on their inner strength and their faith in God, rather than lose control.

Media Opportunities

  • Featured on FOX, CBS, and NBC
  • Featured on  Brown Girls Who Write- Instagram
  • Online Ads and TV commercials on TBN- Trinity Broadcasting Network
  • Women's Spark Conference- Right Now Church
  • Worthy Empowerment Conference
  • Radio Interview -
  • TV Interview - The Jacinda Show
  • Radio Interview on 88.7 FM
  • Television Interview on Gary’s Station- Channel 21
  • Featured Author: Lake County Public Library
  • Holiday Bazaar-Eta Kappa Omega
  • Gary Literacy Coalition Festival
  • Grandparent/Grandchildren Conference
  • Parade of Writers: Youth Today, Legends Tomorrow
  • Book Signing: Embassies of Christ
  • Christmas Bazaar/Health Fair/Respond Now, Inc.

Book Purchasing Information

  • Amazon paperbacks
  • Barnes & Noble paperbacks

Click to receive a discount for ordering multiple books through Outskirts Press.


I was motivated to write this book based upon my young adult experience of seldom seeing and having access to interesting multicultural, fictional books about faith. Today's books are more diverse, but they tend to be either adult romance, violent, or science fiction. NEVER PREDICTABLEZ  's books are none of these. They are relatable, REAL TALK, age-appropriate, action-packed novels with an inspirational twist.


I am an Entrepreneur, an Author, a Workshop Creator& Facilitator, and a Motivational Speaker. 

One gift that God has blessed me with is the ability to turn everyday life situations into intriguing lessons and stories. 

My love for words began in elementary school. Throughout most of my adolescent years, I could be found with a book and a notebook in my hand; whether headed to my sporting events; my marching band contests, or my community service functions. 

My passion for writing blossomed so intensely during childhood that I received my BA degree in English and my MA degree in journalism. After college, I began working more frequently with young adults and children by working for schools and non-profit organizations. 

Contact Information  


N ever Predictablez's updates are now available on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!! 

Thank you for your support! God Bless!

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